Guiding Principles

The guiding principle of this priority initiative is to equip scientists and scholars with the information infrastructure best suited to meeting their research needs. This entails digital access to publications, research data, services, tools and virtual research and communication environments, available to the user without costs or other barriers, and the right to make use of them. Creating a sustainable, integrated, digital research environment that provides all German researchers with the broadest possible access to relevant published knowledge, research data and tools, no matter where or when they need it, will therefore remain a key priority.

The Alliance partner organisations will also continue to promote Germany as an internationally competitive centre of research by concentrating competencies and resources and jointly addressing current and future issues. They are particularly concerned with coordinating their policies and practical decisions in relation to digital research infrastructures, pooling their financial resources in this area, and, where necessary, making additional resources available.

The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany has therefore agreed to continue the Priority Initiative Digital Information, launched in 2008, for the period 2013 to 2017. The aims of the priority initiative are:

  • To guarantee the broadest possible access to digital publications, research data and other source materials and thus ensure that they can be used in other research contexts
  • To create an optimal framework for the international distribution and reception of German publications and research data
  • To ensure the long-term availability of the digital media and contents that have been acquired from around the world and their integration in the digital research environment
  • To support IT-based research by means of innovative information technologies and digital methods

The partners within the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany agree to coordinate and bundle their resources and activities in the following priority areas: