Open Access Gold

It is becoming increasingly urgent to link the issues of open access and licensing. The environment is much more favourable to the systematic incorporation of open access in licences now than it was five years ago. There are now few publishers who do not have at least one open-access periodical in their portfolio. The "golden road" of direct open access publishing is increasingly being viewed as a valid business model for the future.

The Alliance initiative should respond to these developments and be actively involved in laying the foundations for the transformation of the current subscription system to a publication cost model. It is therefore proposed that the expertise of the two relevant working groups, Licensing and Open Access, should be combined and an ad-hoc working group set up to deal with strategic and operational issues relating to the introduction of (potentially major) open access agreements in line with the publication cost model. It would be advisable to draw also on the expertise of universities who already have experience of setting up and administering publication funds. The task of the ad-hoc working group is to analyse the structural interdependencies between strategic, legal, administrative and financial objectives and measures in order to develop recommendations and concrete scenarios for the conclusion of open access agreements. The discussions and decisions of European and international committees and organisations (e.g. Science Europe and the National Science Foundation) on Open Access Gold should be taken into account.