Research Software

Today, software is an essential tool in the process of academic work and in moving scientific results towards application. With the digitalisation of research and teaching advancing rapidly, their dependence on software-based solutions also increases. The fundamental principles of “good scientific practice” such as replicability, reproducibility, transparency, and quality control must also be applied to the development and usage of research software. In this aspect, the reusability and sustainable maintenance of software and associated source code are among the key challenges.

The steering committee of the priority initiative has appointed the ad hoc working group for “access to and reuse of research software” in May 2016. The task of this working group is to explore this topic further, as well as to define which tasks can be handled in which formats and with what kind of likely results. The covered topics include but are not limited to: guidelines, infrastructures, quality assurance, publication strategies, open licences for scientific source code, organisation- and business models, incentive structures.