National Hosting Strategy

Priority Area in Detail

Working in a coordinated process at national level, the National Hosting Strategy working group identifies ways in which research organisations can satisfy the demand for the permanent accessibility of digital publications by creating a back-up hosting solution ("safety net").

Outlook and Objectives 2013 – 2017

With respect to the preparation of a DFG project, the working group will serve as an expert sounding board for the project team and, subsequently, actively support the transfer of the project outcomes with a view to implementing a "safety net" for sustainable access to electronic information resources (the National Hosting Strategy). In the next stage the working group will then address the issue of long-term archiving, for example by promoting networking between the National Hosting solution and existing long-term archiving projects and initiatives. The group will also cooperate more closely with other Alliance working groups on cross-topic issues (such as licensing, open access, research data and virtual research environments).