National Licensing

Priority Area in Detail

One of the core elements of a digital research environment is the accessibility and availability of published knowledge. The broadest possible availability of digital publications can be achieved through national licenses on the one hand, and activities in the area of open access on the other. 

Outlook and Objectives 2013 – 2017

The market for scientific information, which has always been very much a supplier's market, can only be positively influenced in the long term through a concerted approach. The aim must be to achieve demand-oriented rather than supply-oriented licence packages. Over the next few years the replacement of prevailing business models, which still use printed material as their reference, will continue to be promoted through the development and establishment of research-friendly business models. In a second stage of the cooperation within the Alliance initiative, further licence agreements of Alliance partner organisations will be embedded in national consortium agreements which meet the basic criteria for the acquisition of Alliance licences. Additionally, the aim will be to further develop the current guidelines with extensive usage rights, and to also establish them as a licensing standard in contexts other than the Alliance initiative.