Open Access

Priority Area in Detail 

The term "open access" describes the goal of making knowledge globally accessible and usable in digital form without financial, technical or legal barriers. In order to ensure that scientific knowledge – continuously extended, modified and documented in scientific publications – is made available in accordance with this principle, a forward-looking digital research environment must ensure well-organised and sustainably funded access to publications without costs or obstacles relating to usage rights.

Outlook and Objectives 2013 - 2017

So far, activities have been focused on the provision of detailed information about open access in order to promote this publishing paradigm. In the future this focus on research policy will be systematically complemented by recommendations and guidelines that more effectively address the concrete implementation of open access by universities and research institutions and, if necessary, in different fields. In this way support will be given to effectively promote the transition to an open access culture.

The concrete aims of the working group are to promote funding for the "golden road", define criteria for the adoption of open access publication fees, work to increase the content of open-access repositories and collaboratively support international open access infrastructures. Due consideration will be given to discussions and initiatives of Science Europe and the newly founded Global Research Council.