New publication of the “Digital Collections” Working Group

During 2018-2021, the working group explored the importance of the concept of “digital collections” and produced a comprehensive handout that provides an overview of the types, functions, and uses of digital collections. The text follows up on a short paper published by the WG in November 2020.

The handout is intended to provide orientation in an increasingly complex field by providing information on concepts and exemplary forms, metadata for digital collections, publication channels, access options and interfaces, as well as procedures for evaluating data and document collections, e.g., using text and data mining. In addition, questions of quality assurance, the legal framework and the organization and management of digital collections are addressed.

With concluding recommendations resulting from the investigation of these topics, the handout is on the one hand addressed to institutions and individuals who build, manage and curate digital collections. On the other hand, it is also aimed at all those who use, examine, research, or finance the development and curation of digital collections and who want to understand and inform themselves about basic concepts and common practice.