Mission statement 2018 – 2022

To equip scientists with the best possible information infrastructure they need for their research, that is the guiding principle behind the “Digital Information” Initiative launched in 2008 by the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany. With the Alliance Initiative, the Science Organizations are declaring their readiness to coordinate their basic political and technical decisions in the sphere of digital information, pool the resources they invest for this purpose and, if necessary, provide further funds. They are also reinforcing their determination and ambition to shape digital transformation in science and create a platform for joint action.

With respect to the subject of “Digital Information”, it is the aspiration of the Alliance Initiative
– to shape and modify relevant operational structures and processes;
– to pick up on stimuli and bring them to fruition;
– to agree on joint strategic statements and policy papers and in doing so shape discussion on science policies;
– to draw up joint positions for science organizations on topics relating to digital information, and introduce and represent them in discussions of science policies;
– to promote the exchange of experiences, as well as liaise and communicate
on current topics;
– to support and, if necessary, coordinate German participation in international initiatives;
– to collaborate in drawing up principles and handouts of relevance to all science organizations.

From 2018 to 2022, the Alliance Initiative will address new expressions of digitization. Since the transformation from analogue media to digital objects is now well advanced, genuinely digital phenomena are now leading the way. For example, they include the cross-border networking of research and teaching on digital platforms, new forms of digital publications in science and their evaluation as a research output, machine analysis and interpretation of large volumes of research data, or the significance of good scientific practice in the digital age.

As part of the Alliance Initiative, priority will be given to the following fields of action in order to address interdisciplinary topics such as Open Access, Open Science or research data with the appropriate degree of precision:
1. Scientific publication system
2. Digital tools — software and services
3. Digital collections of data and text corpora
4. Federated IT infrastructure
5. Digital learning, teaching and networking
6. Digitally qualified staff
7. Legislation for science in the digital age
8. Scientific practice

Partner organizations

The big German science organizations form the “Alliance of German Science Organizations” with the aim to join forces in giving advice.