OA2020-DE – National Open Access Contact Point

The National Contact Point Open Access (OA2020-DE) project is designed to create the prerequisites for the large-scale open access transformation of scientific journals and is commissioned by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany. It works within the global OA2020 Initiative, highlighting national implications. Thus, the transformation process is supported by extensive publication and cost data analyses by national universities and research institutes, and on this basis, open access financial and business models are developed.

The following operational goals are in the foreground:

  • Creation of a one-stop contact point
  • Establishment of a valid database for the negotiation of transformation contracts
  • Create a support system for individual institutions to analyse the relationships between publications and publication costs
  • Investigation of financial flows and development of financing models
  • Conceptual development of the negotiation strategy of the scientific institutions towards science publishers
  • Create information material & handouts

OA2020-DE operates within the framework of the working group digital information of the Alliance and cooperates with the German universities, non-university research institutions and publishers. OA2020-DE is also working closely with DEAL and will be responsible for the exchange with all relevant projects such as INTACT and SynOA.
Project leaders are the University Library Bielefeld and the Central Library of Forschungszentrum Jülich. The project is funded by the Alliance of Science Organizations in Germany for three years. Further Information.